Henwood Park has lost a quarter of a century in experience as stalwarts Dave Murray and Rod Buik have stepped down from the committee at Monday’s AGM. We thank both Dave & Rod for the huge effort they have contributed to our club over the years.

Murray, the outgoing treasurer, served the Hawks’ committee for 15 years. His position has been filled by Jamie Potter. Buik, the outgoing president, held his position for a decade. He reluctantly stepped down; given a choice between a club position and a Wanderers’ coaching position.

Vice president Ryan Smith has filled Buik’s role as the new President of Henwood Park.

Tony Dobbin retains the secretary role.

Anne Dambergs, Mark Stephens, Cameron Collins, Gary Lyon, Rob Pevere, Brad Ingram, Sam Thompson, Pheobe Makepeace, Frank Pangallo & John Vechhio are also in our new 2017 board.



2017 Henwood Park Commitee

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