Registrations for 2017 are NOW OPEN, and Henwood Park Football Club is the perfect club to sign your youngster up to play MiniRoos Football.

Here’s 11 reason why MiniRoos is the perfect starting platform for your future Ronaldo or Messi:

1. It’s great for their health & fitness

Taking part in football, like any sport, is great to keep kids active. It will probably also tucker them out by then end of the day which means you might get to pick the Saturday night movie.

2. They’ll feel good

Regardless of whether they win, lose or draw (we don’t keep a ladder in MiniRoos!), kids will feel good after a football game.

3. Football builds self confidence & character

Team sport gives children the opportunity to express themselves, and encourages verbal interaction with teammates to achieve a common goal.

4. Develops your child’s friendships (and your own!)

Football teams are made up of children from everywhere – different schools, suburbs, and cultures – it’s the world game, loved by families everywhere. Whilst on the sidelines is a good way to have a chat with like-minded parents over a coffee from the club canteen.

5. Helps them learn respect & fair play

Kids will have to take instructions from their coach at training and during the match. Hand shakes at the end of the game encourages respect.

6. Seek advice and knowledge from all around you

You will always be learning in football. Use those around you to further grow your knowledge of the game.

7. They’ll be less stressed

Playing sport has been proven to reduce stress levels.

8. Increases energy levels, reduces fatigue

Children who are more active will have increased attention spans and energy levels.

9. It builds skills

Football can increase coordination through ball control, improve reflexes and enhances cognitive functioning.

10. Football teaches life lessons

In a safe environment, young footballers will learn from failure. They’ll also be taught about both winning and losing.

11. They’ll have fun

There’s nothing more pleasing than seeing a smile on your child’s face, and these are everywhere on football fields around Australia!

How to Register:

All you need to do is login in to and click register now and select Henwood Park Football Club and find the age group.

Alternatively our registration Day will be held on Saturday 18th Feb 10am -1pm at our Rawlings Park Club House, Forrest Street, Lake Albert, if you would like to visit us in person.

Make sure you tell your friends and come play soccer this year! We are looking forward to seeing you at the Hawks!

Any questions, please email our President Ryan Smith at or facebook message us!

FFA Miniroos Aldi Shoot on November 17, 2016 in Sydney, Australia
11 Reasons Your Child Should Play Miniroos Football!

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