Canteen Roster – Small Sided Games

Hi Coaches and Managers,

Henwood Park have been allocated a 5 week period to be on duty for the small sided games at Duke of Kent. This includes the running of a simple canteen and BBQ, setting–up and packing-up.

Henwood Park
Henwood Park
Henwood Park
Henwood Park
Henwood park

The club requires our small sided teams (parents and supporters) to lend a hand with the running of the canteen (and some set-up or pack-up). It will only involve each of the teams providing a minimum of 3 volunteers over a 2 hour period on one of the Saturdays.

Please note that the money raised at these canteens goes directly to our club.

I have prepared the following roster:

Henwood Park Canteen Roster 2017

8:15am – 10:15am
Including set-up

6 Blue Hawks
6 Hawks
6 Sparrowhawks
6 Eagles
6 Red Wings
10 Hawks
9 Eagles
10 Eagles
9 Cougars
10 Raptors
10:15am – 12:15pm
6 Kites
7 Falcons
6 Harriers
6 Falcons
6 Raptors
7 Hawks
9 Hawks
7 Eagles
10 Falcons
11 Hawks & 11 Eagles
12:15pm – 2:15pm
Including pack-up
7 Kites
7 Harriers
5 Falcons
7 Raptors
8/9 Raptors
8 Eagles
10/12 Falcons
8 Kites
8/9 Falcons
8 Hawks
It is requested that each team provide a minimum of 3 volunteers (over the age of 18) to help run the canteen across the full 2 hours.  This will include serving in the canteen and also cooking the BBQ. Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your allotted time.

Please email once you have organised volunteers from your teams so I can ensure we will have sufficient numbers for each time. If any volunteers would like to assist in the organisation of the canteen (ordering and preparing stock, etc) over the 5 week period, please contact me. Your assistance in helping the club perform this duty would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help.

Cameron Collins

Draws Released – Under 12s to Pascoe Cup

The 2017 Football Wagga draws have been released!

To see the draw for Under 12s to Pascoe Cup, follow this link:


(Mini Roos U5 – U11 we are still awaiting your draws)

But for round 1 the following teams are playing who & where:

Nankivell 7.30pm Fri – HP Hawks vs Bye
U12 9am Sat – HP Hawks vs Tumut 1 @ Forest Hill
U12 9am Sat – HP Eagles vs Tumut 2 @ Kessler Park
U13 10.30am Sat – HP Hawks vs Lake Albert @ Henwood Park
U14 12pm Sat – HP Hawks vs Lake Albert @ Henwood Park
U15/16s 1.30pm Sat – HP Hawks vs Tumut @ Forest Hill
U15/16s 1.30pm Sat – HP Eagles vs Wagga U @ Henwood Park
U15/16s 3pm Sat – HP Falcons vs Wagga U @ Henwood Park
Madden 9am Sun – HP Hawks vs Lake Albert @ Forest Hill
Leonard 11am Sun – HP Hawks vs Coota @ Coota
Blake 9am Sun – HP Hawks vs Tolland @ Kessler
Gardiner 1pm Sun – HP Hawks vs Tumut @ Forest Hill
Gardiner 1pm Sun – HP Falcons vs Coota @ Coota
Pascoe 3pm Sun – HP Hawks vs Tumut @ Forest Hill

**Please note U15/16s teams are just being finalised with coaches and you will hear from your coaches soon.

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